how they filled their time….

Posted: 02/28/2010 in Uncategorized

so, you might be wondering how my class did without watching television for five days. i am three-fourths of the way through grading the papers and have been amused and occasionally saddened by the results.

but first, i offer my conclusion: i think it is extraordinarily difficult to do away with something that is part of your normal routine, while you are in your normal routine.

for instance, when i’m on vacation or out of town, i spend far less time doing certain things i’d have done at home, simply because i’m not at home. so, i give my class two thumbs up for at least attempting this.

well, i did have at least one person who apparently flouted the request and simply watched tv, with no explanation of why he chose not to give it up. maybe he misunderstood or was being a rebel. i was not amused.

a lot of them love reality shows and a couple complained they didn’t know what to wear because they couldn’t turn on tv to hear about the weather report.

one guy admitted he had to give up watching porn. (extra credit for honesty!)

the majority of people reported that they struggled with the assignment and made it for most of the days.

a lot of people slept. or spent time with their families or significant others. a few took up reading books. a lot of them finished schoolwork or went shopping.

a couple of people cried. i felt horrible about that.

the majority of them admitted to watching too much television and that this exercise afforded them a rare peek into their lifestyles and made them aware of how they spend their time.

  1. Jon Pine says:

    Oh my. I haven’t cried about losing TV privileges since I was seven, after fighting with my brother over whether to watch “Gigantor” (my choice) or “Speed Racer” (his choice). As I recall, we spent the down time fighting — this time over who was more at fault for the TV ban.

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