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home of the not-so-brave

Posted: 10/20/2001 in 9/11

day-um, what is up with people? why are they freaking out about this anthrax thing? it has killed a grand total of one person and afflicted a few others, but they’ll be ok.

people need to get a grip and realize that we’re all gonna die someday. and we can’t control when or how, for the most part.

maybe that’s the problem: people are realizing their own mortality and are overreacting.

i dunno. i wish people would channel that nervous energy into something positive, like looking out for each other and being good neighbors and friends, rather than looking suspiciously at every little fleck of dust that penetrates their bubble.

my sister said she and her husband were concerned about going to a bengals game at the stadium, out of concern for terrorism.

see, that’s exactly the kind of reaction that whoever is playing boogeyman wants. if we just chill and carry on and be good to one another, the world will be a much better place.

i just don’t understand why americans are suddenly realizing that we’re not superior to everyone else. for godsake, look at england and europe during the wars…those were old, strong nations and they were dealing with daily bombings — not this silly media-infused threat of evil pixie dust — and they all managed to survive and be strong.

it’s like this country has been the rich, pampered kid who never really had any hard knocks or worldy experience and is feeling vulnerable for the first time.

what is normal?

Posted: 09/12/2001 in 9/11

so, i returned to classes today and watched about 3 films…it took my mind off of all the horror that was yesterday. i just got home from class, only to turn on the tv and see that NYC is still burning behind tom brokaw.


scanned the list of victims on the NYT website, and don’t know anyone. not that it matters. it hit me that with four flights, these victims will end up more faceless and devoid of who they were than in a typical air crash. now, you have to qualify that so-and-so was on the american airlines flight that crashed into the first tower or whatever…it’s all so numbing.

i want to know who these people were. i want them to matter. because they do. it doesn’t matter that they were killed en masse. they deserve to be remembered individually.

i got choked up when i saw a married couple and their 2-year-old were killed. at least they were all together.

i guess the victims and their lives will always be what’s important to me, as this is what i spent years writing about and creating a reputation for being good at reporting on. even though i’m not a reporter per se, i still want to know who they are, because that is the only way we can fully absorb this tragedy.

all roads lead back to sofla

Posted: 09/12/2001 in 9/11

i knew it was inevitable. all day yesterday, i kept thinking, “ok, where is the south florida connection?”

this isn’t being funny.

nearly every major story in the last decade or so has had either a major or tenuous tie to my old stomping grounds. it’s like all the freaks of nature are drawn like a magnet to fort lauderdale and miami. there, they set up shop and commit horrible crimes or ruses against innocent people.

now, there’s this.

it doesn’t surprise me at all.

my friend rod, the columnist for the NY Post, has an amazing account today.

i have tears in my eyes as i read about the wife some govt official who called him twice after her plane was hijacked.

that, to me, makes this all more real and harrowing. even the video of the crash doesn’t upset me as much as knowing this poor woman was calling her husband and telling him about something he was powerless to control or do anything about.

stunned into numb

Posted: 09/11/2001 in 9/11, Uncategorized

what a strange, horrible day it has been.

i took a bike ride around 10, oblivious to what had already happened. saw a woman on the side of the road with a broken-down car outside of williston and offered to make some phone calls for her. went to a gas station and called her work and they were on their way out to get her.

came home, and logged on. my home page is the NYT. stunning, is the best way to describe it. logged off immediately, snapped on the television, grateful for cable, and called my sister.

my friend, don, called and told me a plane had just landed in cleveland and was full of explosives. he’s in the military. while it seemed very possible, it was later discounted.

classes, thank god, have been canceled and the university is closed today. i can’t imagine trying to teach tonight.

i initially had a little anxiety about not being in the newsroom and working on this story.

then, i changed my mind…i no longer want to find a local angle on every national tragedy…especially one of this magnitude. what can you say that puts this into perspective? what can you ask of someone and expect them to tell you something important?

i just don’t think you can.

this is one of the worst days in U.S. history. certainly in my lifetime.

i can’t even explain how i feel. except numb. and lucky to be safe at home. i pray i don’t know anyone who was killed, but based on the sheer numbers, it is possible. and i pray for the best for those affected.