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i am thrilled to report that i have accepted a job at the university of texas-pan american.

after all that blood, sweat and tears in my job search, i end up with the one i wanted all the time.
how interesting.

this whole thing is not unlike dating and courtship in that there is this mutual checking each other out, then the decision you like each other and then the decision to make a commitment. of course, this is complicated in that i had to turn down colorado state-pueblo (which got 20 inches of snow yesterday) after they have already arranged to bring me out for an interview.

but, i decided, ethically, it would be best to turn them down at the outset rather than go out there, go through the motions and then blow them off.

i am still exhausted, but feel extremely relieved. i think i’ll celebrate this weekend, somehow.


Posted: 04/08/2004 in job search

i have an in-person interview with my school of choice in two weeks.

i am beside myself.

no te mortifiques

Posted: 03/24/2004 in job search

oh, for fuck’s sake….i was just rummaging through a pile of clutter on my kitchen table and found my rejection package from coastal carolina university. in addition to the unopened vhs of “sid vision,” there, on the bottom of the paperwork of my cv, transcripts, teaching philosophy and evaluations was this checklist written with a black sharpie. i’m like, “huh?”

and then i turned it over. it was my checklist of what stuff i was sending to which universities.

i may as well have given them my little black book. what a total dumbass. no wonder i was rejected.

so, yesterday yielded nothing but yuck. after the hopeful false alarm, i found out my aunt fell and broke her pelvis, which means she is having surgery today. and then i got several notices from my bank telling me that i had overdrawn my account.

as my sister would say, “and the hits just keep on coming.”

oh yes, and after three attempts to find someone to go with me to calexico tonight, matt, of all people, will be my guest. spoke with mista al last night and he is damn near DOA after a week of gorging on shows at sxsw. it’s funny, b/c last year when he and i saw frank black at common grounds, he had just gotten back from sxsw and was sick. it’s a trend…but not a good one.
i will be paying for tonight tomorrow big-time. aieeeeee.


Posted: 03/19/2004 in job search

i feel like a walking disaster. everything i do or say seems to go wrong. i am getting really strung out about the job situation. most the graduating PhDs have gotten jobs.

my office-mate got a job at iowa state, and i’m very happy for him. of course, he was going on about how his wife will be able to work at the des moines register. i told him he’s lucky to at least have someone, going to a place like that.

and he agreed, that if he were single, he couldn’t consider doing that. and then went on about how when he was at indiana university, if he hadn’t met her, he would have been miserable.

i have limited my options because i refuse to live in some snowbound midwestern tundra and which is why i may well be fucked.
i just need something to go right.

and because things suck professionally, i fear i am sabotaging myself elsewhere just because my confidence is down.

i *know* i’m good enough and i *know* it’s going to work out. i just wish to hell i could get my heart to believe it.

i feel like i am on the precipice of uncertainty.

i am about to apply for an assistant city editor job at my old paper.

the pluses:
excellent money, health insurance, great area
i could be a coach to young writers
i could save money, pay off debts.

the minuses:
working with fuckwits
feeling like i failed at my grand escapist plan only to return to the bosom of tribune company.
working long hours and on sundays.

the job would be in the delray beach office. i have a good relationship with these people, although the editor can be hysterical and illogical. i have institutional knowledge of that part of florida, dating back to 1989. i would be damned good at it.

but, am i copping out?

and who’s to say they’d even consider taking me back…
but, i do love delray. one of my favorite parts of the state…right on the atlantic.

i may as well throw my hat in the ring and see what happens.

i need to have options. and right now, i have none.


Posted: 12/19/2003 in job search

it is no wonder i stayed for almost 10 years at my last job. i think i hate job-hunting as much as i do dating…it’s so much work and hope.

have spent the last day and a half amassing a portfolio for a job (not gonna say where out of superstititon). burned a dvd of The Film, wrote a cover letter, found my academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, curriculum vitae, student evaluations, statement of teaching philiosophy, sample lesson plan and some clips of my newspaper stories.


in the spirit of the year winding down, here goes:

5 Things You Did in 2003
1. finished the film
2. graduated with my master’s degree
3. went to NYC to show the film over the 4th of july
4. had irreverant, spontaneous outings with friends
5. wento to a convention in kansas city in hopes of being recruited

5 Things You Wish You Did in 2003
1. had a date with someone i was crazy about
2. traveled outside of the U.S.
3. got a Real Job
4. finish the several freelance stories i’ve started
5. found health insurance

5 Things You Hope To Do in 2004
1. get a job
2. make/save money
3. renew passport/travel abroad
4. find a nice boy
5. move to a hot climate

mixed nuts

Posted: 02/28/2003 in job search

so, i have been computer-less for the last day and a half….what a huge pain. long story. had to reinstall all my software, but luckily, i didn’t lose anything.

anyway, i got a rejection e-mail from university of texas pan am. i sent the guy a note back, thanking him for letting me know, but to help me understand why i wasn’t making a cut. was it the way i packaged my stuff? is it because i don’t have a PhD? told him that they were the first place i’ve applied and it would help me to know why. and i added, and probably shouldn’t have, that i figured someone with 18 years of varied journalism experience and two years’ teaching would make me valuable somewhere….

i didn’t want to come off snotty, and i hope i didn’t. but, i do think academia is full of pompous assholes who are so far removed from the discipline they teach that it’s no wonder kids get disillusioned.

i’m starting to reconsider returning to journalism and teach part time…but i really don’t want to do that.

i shouldn’t be so discouraged. it was only my first try…