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who’s watching whom

Posted: 05/18/2005 in journalism, politics

from the nyt this morning:
Republicans close to the White House said that although President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney were genuinely angered by the Newsweek article, West Wing officials were also exploiting it in an effort to put a check on the press.

“There’s no expectation that they’re going to bring down Newsweek, but there is a feeling that there is no check on what you guys do,” said one outside Bush adviser, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he did not want to be identified as talking about possible motives of the White House.

i say, wtf?

since when does the government get to watchdog the press? somebody better review the first amendment again.

while i think newsweek made a mistake, once again people are missing the real point, much like the whole thing with dan rather and 60 minutes getting swept under the rug: there is smoke.

newsweek didn’t say that interrogators aren’t flushing pages of the koran down the toilet. rather, they are saying a report was supposed to come out saying that, but it didn’t.

this is an important distinction. no one has said that part isn’t wrong. it’s like bush reneging on his national guard duties. he did. the documentation to demonstrate it was erroneous.

the truth is, the u.s. has created an environment of hatred in the muslim world. it certainly doesn’t have a warm and fuzzy track record of how it treats its prisoners.

one wonders why the pentagon official, who got to see the story ahead of time, didn’t speak up about the gaffe. instead, this person corrected a different aspect of the piece. (this is not a particularly unusual practice…to get additional confirmation on background)
why did it take so long for the white house to react?

i love spokesboy scott mclellan suggests that newsweek run stories about how the military operates and how they treat the koran with care. hey, it’s not the media’s job to run your p.r. campaign, pal. and to be fair, i am sure there are a lot of militay people who are doing their job properly.

of course, you still can’t get away from the fact that 17 people have died. whether it was because of long-held, simmering perceptions about the u.s. or a small item in an american magazine, we may never know.
but it shouldn’t have come to this.

carl hiaasen is my hero

Posted: 09/10/2004 in journalism

i adore carl hiaasen. he is so spot-on every time he writes, it’s scary. i love his latest column about reporters on the hurricane beat….
he did leave out one cliche though: footage of the shaking street sign. my co-workers and i would see that on the tv and just die laughing. also, all the stupid channel 7 reporters were issued bigass yellow rain slickers with the logo…we were secretly jealous that the sun-sentinel reporters never got those…not!