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wow. i just got an e-mail from my old boss, and she told me we won first place today in the Digital Edge Awards by the Newspaper Association of America’s New Media Federation.
The category was: Most Innovative Use of Digital Media: Features/Enterprise, Circulation more than 250,000
Here’s what the judges said:’s emotionally compelling Web documentary received the most votes of an entry across all three circulation categories. The victory rewards the concept of cross-department teamwork, as the news graphics department received a major assist from the online, multimedia, photo, Metro, editing and radio staffs.

while i wasn’t the reporter or photographer for this piece, i was the sole writer of the web piece, as well as behind half of the narrations. and, i did one of the flash chapters (although mine sucked, compared to the art dept. guys)

this just feels good to know i left my job at a career high, rather than low.


Posted: 08/08/2001 in last days at the sun-sentinel

i am sad to report that i must be the first person to leave the sun-sentinel who didn’t get a cake.

i know, it’s stupid. but, i kinda kept thinking, ok, when are they gonna bring it out? what will i say? but nothing. oh well. it’s a little embarrassing.

slunk out with brian-the-intern-from-texas carrying my box o’ stuff. a coupla people said goodbye. but, it was the height of deadline (6:15 p.m.) and the editors were coming out of their daylong comas to actually spend two hours actually working.

i didn’t mind so much. i hate big productions. but the cake musta been one of those things where people all assumed someone else would do it.

it is 9 ayem and i am already sweating. this is gonna be fun as i pack boxes and stuff today. had a fantasy of lazily going to the beach and seeing movies over the next few days…i dunno.

i think i am beginning to understand eric’s lament about unemployment: you really can spend all day on the computer if you have nothing better to do. he’s been enlightening me about the life of the unemployed as he reconfigures his website for the third time in like eight months.

somebody hire him…

did my usual perusal of the blog collection on melissa’s site.

laughed aloud at one of my favorites, pedx when she wrote of making reference to an “icy labia.”

reminded me of when we used to look at medical examiner’s reports. the guys all solemnly agreed that worse than dying would be the fate of having the box checked next to the description of a man’s genitalia, “unremarkable.”

it’s gonna be a verbose day…little things keep happening and i feel compelled to record them here or else i’ll forget.

a group of us hit il mulino for lunch, which was nice. got $50 worth of publix gift certificates…an ‘n sync spiral notebook, folders and pens and pencils.

people went around the table, saying what they’ll remember about me. my favorite came from terri.
she’ll remember me because i always say, “what the fuck,” with total conviction.

shannon marveled at my ability to look at the nextel (which contains all the police emergency pages) and discern whether something is big or not. it’s true. i can look at a double-shooting and call it as a murder-suicide, the husband did it; or a fire and determine if it’s a big deal; etc. she said i am always right. i have a good gut instinct on these things.

when we got back, dave, the deputy managing editor over my dept. hands me a cd with my hideous mug on the cover. it’s full of my greatest hits, if you will, of my radio broadcasts.

one of the cuts was a mock newscast about my last day and my legacy. damnit, they found some audio files from andreas’ going-away party, where we were at taverna opa, and the outtakes are hilarious and embarrassing…there’s also one jeremy edited together from my radio reports that takes every scatalogical reference and puts them together. it’s a riot.

listen to it here

and now, as if it weren’t enough, i am juggling a plane that crashed into an intersection.

well, if this isn’t weird…there was a similar crash the night of dre-dre’s party. at least we don’t have editors calling us away from a party, asking, “Is there anybody there who’s not drunk and can go out on this?” see june 14 for details

yes, i found my real calling…in one of my final acts as a journalist, i am teaching lisa huriash how to shoot a rubber band across the room.

bruce is shooting at us, and lisa keeps shooting at herself or misfiring. so, i’m standing in the middle of the newsroom showing her how it’s done.

good grief.

why is it that this feels so anticlimactic? it is my last day of of full-time, professional employment for at least a year, provided i get an internship next summer.

i have a feeling it will all hit me in a few weeks, after i move and after i’ve begun school, after my sister’s wedding, and i’ll be sitting alone in my new place. then, i might cry a little…not b/c i’ll miss this, but because the familiar pattern has been disrupted and a new one will have begun.

there’s a lunch thing set up for me at this italian restaurant today, where my buds in the newsroom will join me. that will be cool and embarrassing all at once.

i have to admit a touch of disappointment in a handful of formerly close friends who had the lamest excuses for not showing up saturday night. it was raining; after dinner, we just didn’t want to drive all the way to fort lauderdale; we were walking to the party and we got soaked by a sudden rainstorm.

at the risk of sounding like a bitch, and i probably am, i wish they wouldn’t have made excuses, and just said, you know, there isn’t a good reason, but i just didn’t make it. then, these folks all want to reschedule something just for them and their schedules…oh, you’re here for another few days…let’s get together.

you know what? i have friends up in west palm and stuart whom i haven’t even told yet about this, and really need to see them during this time. not to mention pack etc. i don’t have time to cater to everyone else.

you see, the thing i’ve set up for sunday night for everyone else isn’t convenient for them. well damn, a bunch of us all went to taverna opa and danced on tables and got crazy on a wednesday night when andreas left.

i know they all mean well, but it annoys me, and this is the vehicle for venting my frustration. i think it just bothers me because we were all such good friends at one point, i’m leaving and they couldn’t go outside their comfort zone.

i’m hard one myself and others…it’s one of my faults. i know this. ah, something new to work on once this chapter comes to a close.

for today, i’m gonna forget about it and just bask in the fun of what today will be.

i’ve been in this total-work-avoidance mode all week. of course, i called in sick on tuesday, so i am running out of excuses….but in some sort of last twist of the knife, i have to work today. bah! maybe i’ll find some more salacious tales about strippers and old geezers to slap on the front of the site, since no one reads the damned site on weekends, anyway. reward those who actually make the effort.

opened the miami herald this morning, and there’s this story about the OFAC threatening people who have gone to cuba with fines and stuff. can’t these people go play in traffic or something?

i really am surprised thugs haven’t come to my door yet, because not only did i admit to going to c-u-b-a, i have a stamp in my passport from last year when i went. the guy in cuba is like, are you sure? i’m like, yeah, i’ll live dangerously.

if these politicians would just stop listening to these people living in exile, who also happen to be wealthy republicans, maybe they’d realize this embargo is ridiculous.

i’ll jump off the soapbox now.

watched before night falls again last night. i swear, the early scenes in that film where he’s a kid growing up in oriente grab my heart and soul in a way that i can only describe as homesickness.

i had to have been cuban in a previous life. twice, i have dreamed of places, only to get to cuba and knew exactly where i was, even though i’d never been there before.

either that or i’m nuts.


Posted: 08/03/2001 in last days at the sun-sentinel

my sweet little friend, andreas, is doing a stint in germany at a Big National Newspaper. here, he was a cops reporter and glam party boy. i can only imagine what the staid germans are thinking of this 23-year guy who is always cracking jokes and hitting on women.

one of his big complaints here was he was stuck writing briefs all the time. we just got his first dispatch from alemania

“You’re all going to laugh yourselves silly. At the English version of germany’s national newspaper I’ve been writing ….. …..briefs.
Of course, these deal with the transport of spent nuclear rods and gerhard schröder. Still, they’re briefs. They even call them briefs. Briefen, I think, is the correct term.

The Germans don’t get to the news until the bottom of the story. I’m not making this up. Rather than, This really big thing happened and we want to tell you about it.

Instead it’s,
Remember that thing we were talking about a couple of days ago? No, not that thing…the thing with the deal, which was going to take place and then there was this big stink about it and so we didn’t know whether or not it was going to take place? Yes? Well, it happened yesterday, and it was pretty huge.”

obviously, the germans must have hours each day to pore through stories to get to the good part, whereas here, we like immediate gratification.

i miss dre-dre…we used to blast fatboy slim on saturday mornings and dance on the newsroom’s tv stage like we were go-go dancers. it was fun b/c no one else was around.