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news flash

Posted: 10/15/2004 in moving to texas

ok, people, don’t get too excited, but….i have been asked out on my first date in four years.

yes, it is the professor…he’s going with some people to see the ballet nacional de cuba tomorrow night over at the theater in reynosa. yeah, reynosa.

he is actually picking me up at my house.

it will be at a civilized hour, as he shares my love of early bedtime (not like it’s going there anytime soon).

i am holding out no expectations, other than to have a nice evening with someone who is interesting and an adult.

it is doubtful anything can make up for the last four years of unrequited romance, stupid hookups and idiots who just wanted to meet up somewhere and “hang out.” but it is a start. and for that i am relieved that the streak will be broken.


looking up

Posted: 10/06/2004 in moving to texas

even though little has changed since yesterday, i am remaining optimistic about things.

i found the necklace with the blessed virgin on it that had been my mom’s, and am wearing it today in an effort to change my luck. i’m superstitious that way.

i called payroll and my check will be made tonight, and may actually be direct deposited to my account by the morning. i can only hope.

one of my students came by and told me his tennis coach is new here and is looking to meet people. i asked if he were cute…and he said the guy had asked the same thing about me. anyway, he is going to try to arrange a meeting.

that is kinda cool.

we’ll see what happens.

a walking polack joke

Posted: 10/05/2004 in moving to texas

yes, it is true, i am part polish. sometimes, i feel like i am the butt end of a polack joke.

in the unending saga of when will donna be paid, i found out yesterday that it will now be on thursday so as the payroll department can afford a big window of opportunity to all the losers who didn’t get checks, so they can “hand cut” them in one fell swoop. well, i dunno about you, but if i could afford to sit around and wait to complain about not being paid, then i probably don’t need the money that badly. obviously, i do not fall into that category.

i got into it again with payroll yesterday, right after the clerk who makes $18,000 a year chirpily informed me, “you didn’t get a check this month.” i went slightly ballistic and asked for her boss. heh.

this would be uproariously funny if it weren’t so dire a sitch.

on top of this, the part that was ordered to fix my computer screen didn’t solve the problem. so now, they’re trying to assess whether the screen needs to be replaced. this, the technician informed me, is one of the most expensive things to replace.

and the way my luck is running, i wouldn’t doubt it.

it would be so nice to have something actually go right.

i apologize if my posts seem obsessive and whiny, but that’s just where i am. i usually have a sunnier disposition, but this is messing with my head in ways i hadn’t expected.


Posted: 10/01/2004 in moving to texas

god-damn. i have been looking forward to today for two months. i would finally get a paycheck.

and guess what? i didn’t.

i feel like i’m in a nightmare. i am so angry right now that i am numb. someone dropped the ball between my department and human resources. i spent the morning biking all over campus, trying to get people to sign some fucking paper, only to be told i would need to have my boss write a memo, have it signed by the dean, the provost and the vice president of business affairs. then, it would go to payroll and they will consider cutting me a check.

after my boss wrote the memo, i ran up to the dean’s office and stood there while he signed it. then, i ran over to the provost’s office. i saw this guy who looked like the provost from his picture.
“are you the provost?” he said the last he checked he was. he was really nice. i stood there while he signed it.
then, i raced upstairs to the vp of business affairs’ office. he was out, but will be back at 1. his secretary will call me when she takes it to payroll.

on one hand, it is total shit that i had to run this fucking piece of paper all over the place for something i should have already had. on the other, i feel better having done it myself. otherwise, this stuff would languish on people’s desks for days.

i am hopeful that if i don’t have it today, i will have it on monday.

i wish i knew why my patience is being tested like this. it is so not fun.

so, amy is in my room lying down…we’re both totalled after a day in the heat…it got started off with a bang: at 7:30 ayem, my doorbell rang. i was still asleep and stumbled out in my underwear to answer the door. an indigena-looking woman with her hair pulled back in a braid and wearing a pink floral housedress stood there.

she asked me in spanish whether the car parked in front of the house was mine. i said no, but that it was my friend’s. i obviously missed something, but my spanish doesn’t get going until i’m awake at least. and then it’s not great. amy and i looked at her car and discovered that she’d left a bag by the side of the car last night when we were unloading it. that’s what she was trying to tell me….

people in my neighborhood keep strange hours for things. like, last night at 8, these guys pulled up in a trailer and offloaded a bigass lawnmower. they proceeded to cut and weed whip the hell out of the yard across the street in five minutes flat. then, they left. 8 o’clock on a saturday night?

my neighbors park wherever they can…sometimes behind my car in the driveway, sometimes nearly blocking me in or in front of my mailbox. it’s kinda weird. luckily, i haven’t had any problems yet, but it is sort of unusual.

at the grocery store or target, people shop with the whole fam-dam-ily. last week, i was behind a family of four (and i mean older teenage kids) whose only purchase was a package of tortillas and a pack of gum. do they all really need to stand in line, much less come along?

on the whole, i love living here and enjoy its quirkiness…sometimes, things just bewilder me.
my kinda place
so, this afternoon, amy and i went over to progresso, mexico. she’s never been. as a border town, it’s typical, but not nearly as obnoxious as tijuana or juarez. once we waded through the usual stifling tunnel of trinkets, we found a decent little restaurant where no one spoke english. it was a little family place and we shared a table with this man. it was cheap and quite good…
afterward, amy wanted a margarita, so we stopped in a bar and got her one. tequila and i don’t get along, so i just hung back. after that, we passed a bar with a mechanical bull. she insisted on riding…i was horrified, but documented the experience with her camera.

after all that, we went in search of donna, texas. yes, there’s a whole damned town named after me.
we found donna high school and took my picture in front of the sign. then, we wandered inside. security is obviously not a concern as several people said hello and waved to us.

i didn’t want to press my luck, but amy said i could just tell them, “do you know who i am?”
yeah, so back off, jack.
all right, that’s all….

like a hurricane

Posted: 08/12/2004 in moving to texas

maybe it’s because i have a little too much time on my hands (not that i’m complaining), but i am quite interested in tracking hurricane charley. maybe it’s because if it happened two weeks ago, my trip outta the sunshine state would have been quite different.

it’s also the first time since 1989, when i moved to florida, that a major ‘cane has threatened the state. and i’m not there to participate.


greetings from beaumont, texas. i am happy to report that we are about seven hours from the new homestead.

so far, the trip has gone pretty well. fluff has been a champion. normally, he hisses and growls the entire way. he got slightly wigged yesterday but managed to be a good boy in the hotel room and all of today. i have a feeling monday will come and he’ll be like, “ok, where are we going?”

i am still quite exhausted…my poor sister can’t drive my car very well, so i’ve ended up doing all the driving…800 miles so far. it’s actually been ok.

last night, we stayed in mobile, alabama. today, we drove through alabama, mississippi and louisiana.

yesterday, at a rest stop in pensacola, we saw a rakish-looking fellow walking out with his hands cuffed in front of his body. i noticed he was in leg irons. he walked to the back of a green van with tennessee plates. a burr-cutted man with a shirt that reads “extradition department” unlocked the van and locked him into the screened-in back.

i wonder what he was wanted for.

more on monday when i get to my place and have dsl….