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what evidence does that fuckwit need to be convinced that greenhouse gases lead to global warming?

i would say that the hurricanes and weird weather may be triggered by global warming, but it is also part of the cycle of nature.
still, why does the united states have to walk out of climate talks, virtually embarrassing the country in its rude behavior? we are continuing to alienate ourselves from the rest of the world. first, the iraq war and now this. one of these days, the u.s. is gonna be fucked and in need of help and the rest of the world would be justified in telling us to go to hell because we’ve been so isolationist.

i get very angry when people in this country view themselves as americans first rather than citizens of the world.

it’s a small place, people. political boundaries don’t mean crap if the whole planet is imploding from abuse etc.

now i’ve probably gone and pissed people off twice today.

who’s watching whom

Posted: 05/18/2005 in journalism, politics

from the nyt this morning:
Republicans close to the White House said that although President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney were genuinely angered by the Newsweek article, West Wing officials were also exploiting it in an effort to put a check on the press.

“There’s no expectation that they’re going to bring down Newsweek, but there is a feeling that there is no check on what you guys do,” said one outside Bush adviser, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he did not want to be identified as talking about possible motives of the White House.

i say, wtf?

since when does the government get to watchdog the press? somebody better review the first amendment again.

while i think newsweek made a mistake, once again people are missing the real point, much like the whole thing with dan rather and 60 minutes getting swept under the rug: there is smoke.

newsweek didn’t say that interrogators aren’t flushing pages of the koran down the toilet. rather, they are saying a report was supposed to come out saying that, but it didn’t.

this is an important distinction. no one has said that part isn’t wrong. it’s like bush reneging on his national guard duties. he did. the documentation to demonstrate it was erroneous.

the truth is, the u.s. has created an environment of hatred in the muslim world. it certainly doesn’t have a warm and fuzzy track record of how it treats its prisoners.

one wonders why the pentagon official, who got to see the story ahead of time, didn’t speak up about the gaffe. instead, this person corrected a different aspect of the piece. (this is not a particularly unusual practice…to get additional confirmation on background)
why did it take so long for the white house to react?

i love spokesboy scott mclellan suggests that newsweek run stories about how the military operates and how they treat the koran with care. hey, it’s not the media’s job to run your p.r. campaign, pal. and to be fair, i am sure there are a lot of militay people who are doing their job properly.

of course, you still can’t get away from the fact that 17 people have died. whether it was because of long-held, simmering perceptions about the u.s. or a small item in an american magazine, we may never know.
but it shouldn’t have come to this.

i wonder how many people who voted for bush have spent much time traveling outside of the u.s. or getting to know people in other countries.

one of the coolest parts about LJ, for me, is reading about people’s lives in other parts of the world and seeing how they view things. i love travel and want to know people all over the world. even though i’m an american, i tend to view myself as a citizen of the world. and i think that may be, in part, why i will never understand the resounding support for bush.

(and it’s not like kerry was some great white hope…but it presented an alternative)

and so, i read this with great interest today.

christopher allbritton is an american journalist who, until recently, was a time magazine stringer in baghdad. i relate to him because he has this “citizen of the world” mentality and i think it is interesting to see what he and others have to say from abroad.

Oh, and he linked to this, which i though was beautiful:
This may be the year when we finally come face to face with ourselves; finally just lay back and say it — that we are really just a nation of 220 million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns, and no qualms at all about killing anybody else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable.

Hunter S. Thompson Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail
November 1972

flame away, defriend me. whatever…..

why are the media liberal?

Posted: 06/26/2004 in politics

one of my high school kids wrote a story this week about why there is a general perception that journos are liberals.

she interviewed me. i thought about it for a minute and told her that we’re trained to look at things with an open mind and to attempt to get multiple sides of a story. mainly, we see the world more in shades of gray rather than black or white, right or wrong, good or bad, as i view the conservative viewpoint.

i consider myself somewhat of an expert about the journo point of view. i am a leftie. i took a quiz this morning and came up with two answers democrat, four green party, one libertarian and no republican tendencies.


f 9/11

Posted: 06/25/2004 in politics

ok, so i saw a 1 p.m. matinee today…as expected, it had its moments of heavy-handedness…like, when moore insists on supposing what was going through dubyah’s head after being informed that a jet had struck the second of the twin towers. he could have just shut the fuck up and it would have been more effective.

i also wanted to see what happened when bush finally did decide to leave that florida classroom. that wasn’t shown.

in addition, while i thought it was hilarious how moore handled the exposition of dubious nations supporting the war effort, he weakened his case by not mentioning spain, australia and britain.

i also felt like he needed to spend less time exploring the bush-saudi angle and more on th atrocities occurring in iraq — especially soldiers balking at why they’re there.

i also felt like he should have at least tried to get the bush side to comment…even if for a laugh. it would have seemed more journalistic.

that said, i think the film is incredible. flawed, but great.

i was aghast at the part where he showed the soliders and the music they played to kill people by. i thought the stuff about lila lipscomb, the mother of the slain solider, was brilliant. some may argue that moore exploited her. i think she was a willing accomplice and it was worthwhile to follow through with her.

i also thought the part about getting congressmen to enlist their kids was brilliant.

overall, i would give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. it is not perfect. but it gets the message across, and should, hopefully, convince the fence-straddlers that bush is a dangerous man. this isn’t my endorsement of kerry, either, ok?

i was among the throng who applauded at the end of the film.

i would like to know what you think, having seen it. don’t fucking bother if you haven’t, though, ok?

which reality?

Posted: 06/09/2004 in politics

i was at publix the other day and as i was haunting the kool-aid/drink mix aisle, i heard this familiar voice:
“yeah, fox news is the only one that tells it straight! right on, man!”
it was roger, a very loud former student of mine. roger is pushing 40 with a wife and three kids. he always had something to say. and while i suspected he leaned right, i had it confirmed when i heard this.
as i backed away and retreated over to the cereal aisle, next-door, it seemed that roger had found a willing audience for his proclamations. obviously, the topic was the war. i hoped i wouldn’t run into him.

as i wheeled out of the aisle, bam i ran right into him and the family. trapped.

turns out, he’d just run into a soldier who’d returned from iraq. said soldier told him that the major tv networks have it all wrong and that fox is the only one telling it straight.

i was a bit surprised. i find all tv news atrocious and can’t bear to look. but could this guy be right. i wondered.

a few weeks earlier, i met chris, this guy who had just returned from the war. he took my spinning class and was happy to be getting his bike legs back, as he had been a triathlete. after class, i got him aside and started asking him about what it was like, truly curious. i held my tongue for the most part and respectfully listened. he said tv makes everything seem worse and that he, too, likes fox news. of course, he admitted, he is a conservative, which could explain his choice.

i told him i do not agree with the reasons for going to war, but i am empathetic to those who are fighting it. they’re doing their jobs.

he also said things were going to get worse for awhile, but predicts they will get better after june 30.

today, i read this piece by journalist christopher allbritton. i am impressed with its honesty.

i have no idea what it’s like over there, although i am suspicious of those who claim it’s not as bad as it seems.

but it makes me wonder more about how divisive it has all become. we all seem to face off, ready to challenge anyone whose opinion or belief system doesn’t agree with our own. i go home tomorrow for a few days and know i will have to guard my words around my brother-in-law, who is very conservative. my sister, likewise. it’s not like they sit around bashing liberals, but we definitely do not agree about the war or politics. and lately, that topic hangs in the air like the humidity. you can’t get away from it.

where is the truth? is there any?

imbecile alert

Posted: 04/07/2004 in politics

to re-quote koyaanisqatsi, george w. bush is the vacationingest motherfucker ever.

i mean, really. wtf is he thinking when he says asinine things like, “”There are thugs and terrorists in Iraq who are trying to shake our will,” while he’s vacationing at his ranch.

i swear, i can’t remember any u.s. president who takes more time off than this fuckwit.

not like it would make anything better if he were in washington, but it just galls me that this folly over in iraq continues going to hell in a handbasket and he surrounds himself in his “just-folks” image and makes inane remarks to further prove how fucking out of touch he really is.\

all right, i’ll stfu.