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pee and me

Posted: 11/23/2009 in the joy of pet ownership

Before you wig out at the title of this post, I’d better say upfront that Pee is my cat.

It’s a dumb name, but he more or less replaced one called Fluff, who died in 2008.

When I try to give my cats cool names like Jake (a sweet tabby who died in 2003) or Lula, a similar-looking tabby, who also lives with me, these cats end up as nice.

When I give them utilitarian names, they end up being the most memorable cats ever.

I like having two cats because when I have one, it seems lonely. And beyond that it seems…weird.

Fluff moved with me to Texas and then about a year later, I adopted Lula. Lu is my first girl-cat. She is a tough broad and managed to (pardon the expression) cow the unflappable Fluff.

Fluff was deaf and hissed at most people. But he loved me, my mom, my sister, my friend Amy and my current boyfriend. (If ever there was a sign that someone is good for you, it would be Fluff’s approval) This isn’t to say that I don’t have other nice friends and great people in my life, but Fluff was weird.

When he began collapsing and peeing in weird places and generally stopped being himself, I tearfully brought him to the vet and made the horrible decision to have him put down. My last memory of him is a burly, gloved technician carrying him, growling and hissing to a back room. Fluff HATED the vet. I was somehow glad that he had a little of his personality left at the end.

I didn’t want to leave Lula friendless for too long, so I waited about a month and adopted a tiny, loud kitten I called Junie (it was almost June). Junie cried all the time and seemed frail. But it still shocked me on the fifth morning of my ownership when I opened the bedroom door and found him dead.

Maybe it was too soon. I was kind of shattered.

That night, I got a call from my friend, Aron Rigo. He was over at the gas-mart by the HEB on Conway in Mission and found a kitten racing between vehicles. He managed to capture him. I knew he was trying to offer this one up to me as a replacement, but I was too freaked out from that morning to even think of another kitten. I asked him to hang on to the kitten for a week and then I’d be ready.

A week later, he brought over this tiny black and white kitten. Aron, who has two huge dogs and several cats, told me this kitten was special. And he wasn’t kidding me.

I originally named him Jellybean, which was cute. But, in the ensuing days, I kept calling him Pee Wee because of his size. And it wasn’t long before he was known simply as Pee.

Pee has so much joy in his soul. I’ve never had a cat like this. He is happy all the time. His typical day is eat, play, play, sleep, sleep, sleep, eat, play, play and sleep. He scales the tall cabinets in the bathroom and the kitchen and has jumped across the kitchen, from cabinet to cabinet.

As a kitten, he was oblivious to his size in comparison to Lula. He took her on even if she outweighed him twice. He somehow found this small, stuffed toy cat someone had given me (I like cats, but I am NOT one to wear those damned shirts or have stuffed cats around). It is light brown and white and he carried it around in his mouth, like a dog. I call the toy Pee Junior because it sort of looks like him. Whenever I toss Pee Junior to him, he lets out a high-pitched peep, to acknowledge his “child.” (He also cleans said toy)

For a while, I kept a blog that detailed his antics. It was sort of like a baby album of memories, I guess.

These days, Pee shows no signs of morphing into adulthood. He is the tallest cat I’ve ever had/seen. (People come over and they’re like, “That cat is huge.” He isn’t fat, just tall) He drives me nuts every morning, begging me to play ball with him. I throw these spongy soccer-looking balls to him and he pounces on them and rebounds off the couch arm. It is a sight to behold.

He and Lu tussle, but for the most part, love each other.

I decided to post this because so many of my recent posts are political or cranky…and while I can be that way, I have a real soft spot in my heart for animals. And I felt like getting this out of my system.

yes, i have a full and varied life outside of el-jay land. really. but people keep asking me for pics and video of jellybean.

so, for trey and luke, here you go. anyone else, feel free to just keep scrolling. just don’t un-friend me. i will stop.

and this one of lula eating his food with consequences for both….

great. it’s 102 today and my a/c froze up. it was almost 90 in here for a while. i turned it off for about 25 minutes and then back on. mercifully, it is working again. my landlord is still sending someone over tonight or tomorrow to determine if something needs to be done…whew.

by popular request — again — i bring you more of jellybean the acro-cat. his newest thing is sliding on the tile and clunking either on his back or side. he’s going to knock himself out before long. this morning, he slid on the tile and raised a paw to the side of the futon, where he promptly landed in a backslide. it was hilarious.

mercifully, lula seems to be tolerating him much better. great progress in the last 24 hours. whew.


i’m trying to remain optimistic about New Cat. he is completely different from junie.

this one is a madman: attacking a wad of tissue paper with one paw and a velcro leopard-print ball in the other. he runs sideways when he’s excited.

this afternoon, he jetted out of the isolation room. i decided to let him explore with supervision.

lula treats him a little better than the other, although she hissed at him and stalked him just to hiss again. geezus. he is unfazed and kind of like WTF?

i’m considering naming him jellybean. it’s cute and funny and seems to fit his personality. even though aron called him Cat Zero,i kind of prefer a more personalized name. (sorry!)

by request, here are a couple of semi-OK pics taken with my phone-cam:

i have yet another kitten.

i know. i didn’t think it would happen this soon.

but last tuesday night after junie died, black_wax called to tell me he’d just rescued a kitten who was running in between cars at the heeb in mission. i was too shattered to consider taking kitty in, but continued to think about it.

yesterday, he brought him over.

he is so different from junie. this one is about 6-8weeks old, VERY energetic. eats like a pig. uses the litter box (thank God) and is so fun. he has a grey tabby head, back and tail with white everywhere else. the tip of his tail is white.

took him to the vet today and so far, so good.

i hesitated to bring this up, out of fear of what happened the last time.

but sometimes, you just gotta get back on the horse, so to speak.

i’m still fairly shaken up about junie’s death. i have no idea why he died. he slept a lot the day before he died, but then ate and played, so i didn’t think anything was wrong. god, it was horrific to open that door and see him lying there like that. i felt awful b/c he died alone and by the door. did he cry and i didn’t hear him? god, i hope not.

when i went to the shelter to report the death and get a refund (which they offered. i didn’t push for it, but it was $105), i asked the girl behind the counter if they have kittens that die occasionally. no, she said, maybe he was lonely. well, why not drive a fucking stake through my heart? i spent hours each day with him, sitting on my shoulder or lap. i even tried to sleep with him on sunday night, but he kept coming up to my face to meow loudly.

then, another woman who was in there looking for a dog, told me she has five cats. i told her what happened and about the tapeworms. she said “well, there’s an over-the-counter medicine you can give them in their food” like i was a total dumbass for taking him to the vet. she suggested that the vet tech gave him too much medicine and that’s what killed him. like i was a horrible mother.

fuck both of them.

opinions are like assholes and both of them are exactly that.

here are two final pics….taken Monday night.

sad news

Posted: 06/03/2008 in the joy of pet ownership

i went into junie’s room this morning and he was dead.

he was lying on his side, by the door.

he seemed weak yesterday and slept a lot, but then played a little last night.

less than 12 hours later, he was dead.


maybe it was too soon.

all i know is i don’t want another cat right away.

what a horrible feeling this is.